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How to Use The Pogo Spot:
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Before you get too gung-ho, there is a way to go about using this site.
  First: Pick your pogo stick. You can find out about all of the major pogos in the Sticks section of The Pogo Spot.
 Second: Decide what type of pogoer you are. Just like in skateboarding, you can be regular or goofy. Regular pogoers will do things mostly to the right. Regular pogoers will find it easier to, say, kick out their right foot in the air than their left. Right is dominant. There will be a few exceptions, but if you are Regular pogoer, then using your right foot, right hand, spinning to the right, doing right peg stalls etc, will come easier. Goofy pogoers will do everything to the left. Just insert 'left' where it says 'right' in the four sentences above and you've got it. A good way to figure out if you're regualar or goofy is to think what foot you push a skateboard with. 
  Third: Once you've picked out your pogo, and discovered which way you do your tricks, it's time to actually DO some tricks. The Tricks section of The Pogo Spot is the best tricks section of any pogo site in the world. Use it well.
  Fourth: Once you learn a bunch of tricks, start making up some of your own. If you make up a trick that's not listed on the site here, send us an email and we'll post it immediately! Our email adress can be found be found below.
Fifth: Now that you consider youself an extreme pogoer, start letting the world know! If you would like to join The Friends of The Squad, send us an email, we'll decide if you're good enough and then set you right up with your page! Then, if you decide to make a stunt pogo movie, we'll DEFINITELY host it here in the video vault! Once again, an email will do.
But also, if you DON'T want to become an extreme pogoer, you can just check out all the pages by themselves. They'll still fascinate you. I personally recommend the Video Vault.
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Please write something pogo-related in the subject of the email.

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