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            Fin was born at the age of two in the ocean.  Fin, however, didnt like the ocean and so he decided to live in a roller coaster in Costa Rica.  He wasn't seen very often because he lived deep inside the framework of the massive roller coaster.  His dwelling was right below the drop-off of the coaster.  One day Fin met two of his life-long friends...The Cube and Dcool.  This is what happened.  A group of people got onto the roller coaster and started up the long incline.  Two of these people were The Cube and Dcool.  Right at the top of the incline and right above Fin's "house" The Cube suddenly slipped out of his seat and tumbled over the edge of the roller coaster.  Fin, seeing what happened, dove into the air to try to catch The Cube.  Time seemed to slow down and a Matrixy feel swept through the air.  Then Fin caught The Cube and they tumbled to the ground.  Right before they hit...a guy selling full-sized pools with water in them walked right below falling duo.  SPLASH!  And of course...everything was all right.  Dcool rushed down to the two and the three soon became the best of buds.  Nothing like a near-death experience to break the ice huh?  Well The Cube showed Fin his pogo stick and Fin loved it.  To this day the 3 pogo together and life is good.  



            Fin owns a Master Pogo, a Gravity Games pogo, and a Razor Go-go.  His favorite trick is all mixed up.  He would someday like to land a back flip and a Judo.

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