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Meet...THE CUBE!

The Cube's "Bio"

The Cube was born 26.5 years ago in a remote southern country in North Africa.  Both his parents were antidismisnonatypical (a quadruple negative!) and his pet was a log.  The Cube and the log would frequently go on long incredible journeys to neighboring continents.

The Cube pogos in front of the London Eye

One day, while the two explorers were in the Vatican, they discovered a strange and new device.  It had a slight resemblance to the log.  But not really.  Right at that moment, for absolutely no reason except to make this story even more odd and weird, Edgar Allan Poe walked into the room with an electrical plug.  He stood their stupefied.  Suddenly, while Poe stared at The Cube and the log and the strange thing on the floor, a voice shouted  "Poe!  Go stick that into an outlet"  "That's it!  Cried The Cube.  "We shall call this thing a 'Pogo Stick that into an outlet!'"  The log shook his head.  "Ahhhh!"  Cried The Cube, "due to my masterful intellect, I understand what you, an inanimate object, means, when he, you, shakes his, your head.  You mean that I should take out the 'that into an outlet' part and just call it a 'Pogo stick.'  Nice talking to you, log old pal."  Over the next month, The Cube, the log, and the Pogo stick, went to Brazil.  In Brazil, The Cube learned to pogo and became great.  The log didn't.  What a tragedy.  Suddenly a totem pole came up to The Cube and said, "Say, you're pretty good at that thing.  You and your whole crew are a bunch of psychoanalytical neurotics."  "Ummmm, O.K.," said The Cube.  "That made no sense."  "True," said the Totem Pole, "but I've always wanted to say that.  Goodbye!"  And with that, the totem pole hopped away and was never seen again.  Except for a few sightings near Loch Ness.  So, in conclusion, The Cube and the log continued on with the pogo stick.  Wherever there were stairs to stomp, they'd be there.  Wherever there walls to hoo-ha, they'd be there.  Wherever there were basketball hoops to be "slam-dunk-kinged", they'd be there.  Wherever, there were ---- all right, you get the point.




            The Cube owns a Gravity Games Pogo Stick, and a Flybar!  He is the creator and maintainer of The Pogo Spot. His favorite tricks are the No Foot Peg Grab, Under the Leg 180, and TUCK REVERSE! He someday wants to land a Backlfip Dismount.

The Cube pogos next to a Royal Guard in London
The Cube performs a Nothing

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