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The Way it All Works:
Okay. Even though this looks a little intimidating, it really isn't. Tricks are organzied in 11 categories above (12 if you count "Sick Tricks"). In each category the tricks are organized into four different levels of difficulty, easy, medium, hard, and extreme
Learn the tricks according to your skill level. The easy and medium tricks are really pretty pathetic if you're a TRUE Xpogoer. But in the long run, if you start and learn the not-so-impressive-pretty-dumb tricks, they'll help you learn the harder tricks much easier. They build a foundation, a sense of balance, and basically give you your sea legs on the pogo. If you've already mastered the basics of pogo sticking than you should concentrate mostly on the hard and extreme tricks because they will challenge you.
The Tricks section isn't about only putting out the hardest and most complex tricks. It's about learning ALL the tricks. It's about experimenting with dumb little tricks, and slowly learning impressive ones. It's about starting from zero and becoming an extreme pogoer.
The Tricks section really is for non-pogoers, or rather, not pro pogoers. If you are a pro pogoer you might find some of the tricks interesting but you'll most likely want to watch a lot of videos and chat about pogoing becuase you've already DONE everything listed above. That's cool. The Video Vault has awesome videos and sites like are great places to chat up pogo.
But if you want to learn all about pogoing and BECOME one of the greats then this is the place for you. Study all the tricks above. LEARN THEM ALL. Even the dumb ones. Advance, get better, experiment. That's what The Pogo Spot is all about.
I created the Tricks section of this site for people wanting to learn all about pogoing and I hope you'll beneft from my work.

The Pogo Spot. Officially online since 2/22/04.