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Q: Why Can I only do tricks either in a stall or in the air?

Okay, here's the deal.
Eh, we don't really know.
  95% of people, when they first begin to pogo, can either do tricks in a stall or in the air. This obviously discludes such tricks as One Foot Peg Grabs which MUST be done in the air or One Foot Peg Taps which MUST be done on the ground. No, we're talking tricks such as Leapfrogs and Saran Wraps and Step Overs. Tricks that have the possibilty or being done either way.
  Stall people say that, because the pogo stick is touching the ground, they gain a sense of control and mobility. Air guys say that having the ability to move the pogo up and down or side to side, being able to actually take the stick WITH them during their trick, gives THEM a sense of control.
  So which is better?
  Well, technically air, and here's why.
   1. Air = height = more impressive
   2. Air = being able to move forward = being able to gap things
   3. Air = having a bounce = being able to combo tricks
  So yes, air is better to have under your belt, and if you are a stall guy then you should try to learn to perform your tricks in the air.
  I'm a stall guy. I recently took the time to learn how to pull tricks in the air and now I'm much cooler.
  HOWEVER, for air guys to think that they shouldn't learn stalls is WRONG.
  Stalls give you a sense of balance and the more you do the better balanced you become. The better you are at balancing, the better you are at, well, pogoing, because at the end of the day that's all pogo sticking is.
  If you can land a Tuck Reverse but can't bounce after you're done...well...
Moral: Learn both ways. You'll be better off. But, if you're having trouble with one style, don't get's NORMAL.

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