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       Oops!' "Bio"
       Born in a bamboo forest in Peru, Oops! was raised by native tribal warriors called the Poopoomangalas.  Everyday Oops! would wake up not to a rooster call, but to the primal wailing of the Poopoomangalas.  Then he would go out to hunt for wild muskrats and grubs to feast upon at the evening Poopoomangalan meal.  As he grew older, Oops! began to notice he was not like the other Poopoomangala warriors.  Oops! had an odd tendency to bounce up and down obnoxiously on the Poopoomangala's abnormally large stomachs.  One day the Poopoomangalan Chief, Watomakauago, decreed that if Oops! bounced on one more Poopoomangalan's stomach he would be banishéd.
       Oops! bounced on one more Poopoomangalan's stomach…
       Thus he was banishéd from the Poopoomangalas.
       Striking out on his own, Oops! tried to forget about his Poopoomangalan youth and attempted to live a life of solitude. 
       On the outskirts of Peru, there was a large tree that no one, not even the Poopoomangalas, knew of.  It just so happened that the ex-Poopoomangalan, Oops!, stumbled upon this very tree.  This tree, known only as the Gottahabbapogo Tree, didn't grow strange Poopoomangalan fruit, but had Pogo sticks sprouting from its branches. 


      After banishing Oops!, the Poopoomangalans tracked him to the Gottahabbapogo Tree (We don't know why the Poopoomangalans tracked him, but they did, so go with it).
      Meanwhile, not knowing of the fast approaching Poopoomangalans, Oops! decided to pick a pogo stick out of the Gottahabbapogo Tree.  As the Poopoomangalas appeared on the horizon, Oops! mounted his pogo stick and began to learn to bounce.  Having ample practice bouncing on the Poopoomangalan's stomachs, he picked it up easily.  By the time the Poopoomangalans reached Oops!, he was an accomplished Xtreme pogosticker (The Poopoomangalans are not known for their speed while traveling [Also, they have, as we already said, rather large stomachs, which hinder them greatly]). 
      The Poopoomangalan chief, Watomakauago, suddenly for no apparent reason became irate with Oops! and screamed for his entire tribe to… kill him.
      Oops!, knowing that he was in great danger of the Poopoomangalan tribe bounced rapidly away.  Oops! knew that he could never stay near the Poopoomangalas, and so in a heated moment of thought, he exiled himself to…       York, Pennsylvania. 
      Oops! made it to York, found the Pogo Squad, became an official member, blah, blah, you know the deal, but everything was not 100% ok, for deep in the forest of Peru, hiding in the bushes, were the revenge hungry Poopoomangalas.
      Oops! owns a Foam Master pogo and has broken seven of the yellow and black sticks. His favorite tricks is the Reverse Leapfrog. He would someday like to land a Front Flip Dismount.

Oops! performs a Reverse Leapfrog

Oops! performs a Whiplash

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