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Meet: Pogo Bub!




   Pogo Bub was not always Pogo Bub. Pogo Bub was once just Bub.

   Bub was born on a houseboat when it was floating on the Amazon River. When he learned to crawl he proceeded to crawl over the edge of the boat and into the river. He immediately learned to swim and did some fancy strokes over to land.

  He lived on the banks of the Amazon until he was 10, but was then captured by a tribe of evil monkeys with horns. Then they demanded that Bub to teach them Portuguese, and if he wouldn't he would suffer a most terrible fate. Bub admitted he could not teach them Portuguese and so the monkeys began to carry out this most terrible fate.

  The monkey leader walked over to a tree and pulled out a yellow and black Foam Master pogo. "You shall now suffer DEATH BY POGO STICK!" the lead monkey roared and rushed at Bub with the Foam Master.

  Instead of sitting idly by though, Bub leaped forward, tackled the monkey and took the pogo from him. "I am now Pogo Bub!" He shouted.  He then jumped on the stick and immediately learned to bounce. He bounced away from the monkeys and off in the distance getting higher and higher as he went.

    'He bounced so high he reached the sky and didn't come down till the 4th of July!'

   Well actually not quite. He bounced really high and reached the sky, but he accidentally collided with a passing plane and somehow (don't ask me) landed on one of the plane's wings. Shaking himself off, he stood up and performed the BIGGEST HooHa in the history of pogo sticking.

   Down, down, down he flew until he landed in front of three other guys who also happened to have pogo sticks.

   Well what do you know, the three guys were The Cube, Dcool, and Fin.

  The three pro pogoers accepted  Pogo Bub into their group (which they called The Pogo Squad). Pogo Bub then became really good at Pogo Sticking and drinking milkshakes.





Pogo Bub uses a foam master and his favorite tricks are the No Footed HooHa and the Peg Grab. He would like to someday land a Handstand-on-the-handlebars Stall

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