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Sir LandsALot's "Bio"


“Wake up!”

The call pierced young Chumley’s ears. A dirty hand yanked him out of his bed and onto his feet.

“It’s time to cook breakfast!”

Chumley shuffled out of his hut and to the kitchens.

The beginning of Chumley’s story is a sad one. You see, poor Chumley Chubbles used to be a young boy stuck in an unknown location somewhere on the Western Hemisphere. He lived with a group of people who swore they still lived in the middle ages. No one in the Chumley Chubbles’ castle had any idea that the rest of civilization was in the 21st century. Yes, that’s right, Chumley Chubbles and the rest of his group lived in a castle and thought that it was the middle of the Dark Ages.

Oh the woe!

Chumley Chubbles had one and only one friend. Sir Finkleburg. On his way to make breakfast for the king and queen Chumley Chubbles bumped into Sir Finkleburg.

“Sorry Sir Finkleburg,” said Chumley Chubbles.

“Oh, that’s quite all right young lad,” said Sir Finkleburg.

“You know,” said Chumley Chubbles, “I just can’t keep doing this day after day! Get up, make breakfast, clean something, eat dirty scraps of food, go to bed on a piece of hard wood, and do it all over again.”

Sir Finkleburg leaned down to Chumley Chubbles. “Today will be different,” he said. “I can feel it. My elbow.”

“Your elbow?”

“Oh yes, my elbow.”

And with that Sir Finkleburg walked away and Chumley Chubbles trudged forward.

Suddenly a roaring was heard.

A tremendous roaring like nothing anyone in the castle had ever known. Chumley Chubbles ran to a window, leaned out and looked up. There was a gigantic helicopter flying high in the air!

Oh course Chumley Chubbles didn’t KNOW it was a helicopter because, well, he’d never seen one before. But the reason I said “There was a gigantic helicopter,” is because I know YOU know what a helicopter is. Unless of course you live in some remote castle in an unknown location in the Western Hemisphere. But if you DID live in some remote castle in an unknown location in the Western Hemisphere then you probably would not have a computer and would not be reading this.

Anyway…as Chumley Chubbles was watching something fell out of the helicopter.

It fell long and far.

Sir LandsaLot Pulls A Switch Cheese

Chumley Chubbles watched. And watched. And watched. The thing, whatever is was, was yellow. Yes, Chumley Chubbles could see that. And black. Black and yellow. As Chumley Chubbles watched the thing fell right into the castle’s moat.

Because yes, the castle did have a moat.

Chumley Chubbles, desperate for something new and exciting, leaped out the window and dove into the moat.

Somehow, in someway…he made it.

Chumley Chubbles swam down to the bottom of the moat, grabbed the thing, and swam back to the surface.

Chumley Chubbles swam over to the drawbridge, climbed onto it, still holding the thing and stood up.

The thing was a Master Pogo stick.

In case you hadn’t guessed.

Chumley Chubbles stepped onto the pogo stick, and suddenly knew that his life would never be the same again. He started pulling crazy tricks like the Reverse Leapfrog, the One Foot Knee Tucks, and…the Switch Cheese.

Chumley Chubbles ran to the king and showed him all his cool moves. The king was so touched that he pulled out his sword, asked Chumley Chubbles to kneel, and dubbed him SIR LANDSALOT.

At that moment the roar was heard again.

Sir LandsALot ran back out to the drawbridge and watched as the helicopter landed on the grass in front of the moat.

Out of the helicopter stepped The Cube, Dcool, Mr. Cuvav, and Fin.

It turned out that Fin had dropped his pogo stick out the window.


Anyway, as always seems to be the case in these bios, the members of The Pogo Squad watched Sir LandsALot pull crazy tricks and asked him to become an Official Pogo Squad Member. Sir LandsALot accepted, climbed into the helicopter, and waved goodbye to the castle, his old life, and Sir Finkleburg.
Sir LandsALot owns a Master Pogo Stick. His favorite trick is Reverse Leapfrog and he would someday like to land a Backflip Dismount. Sir LandsALot is a CRAZY pogo sticker for his age and for how long he's been bouncing. In just three months the little guy has learned tricks like No Foot Peg Grab, Reverse Leapfrog, and One Foot Knee Tuck. In case you don't know, those tricks are, eh, rather difficult.

Sir LandsALot Pulls A No Foot Peg Grab

Sir LandsALot Pulls A Reverse Leapfrog

Sir LandsALot Pulls a One Foot Knee Tuck

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