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Feather began her life as one of 2,561 feathers on a yellow-bellied-South-American-woodpecker. She loved being a feather and flying around all day long. Until one day she mysteriously fell from her yellow-bellied-South-American-woodpecker friend. She landed in the middle of a jungle, it was nice there, but Feather longed for flying again. Feather heard from a parrot that an ancient culture (the Pogo-People circa 250 BC) used to make contraptions that could make you fly! She decided to become an archaeologist and make it her quest to find the ancient golden pogo. After searching for many days; she finally stumbled upon the “Cave of the Golden Pogo”.

Feather does a 'Peg Grab'

She crept into the cave, and there it was; sitting high atop a stone; the golden pogo!!! The pogo was compressing a secret button that, if it didn't have enough weight on it, would trigger a gigantic boulder to be let loose and tear down upon whomever was in the cave at that time. Feather filled a bag with sand; then carefully replaced the pogo with the sand. It wasn't the correct weight though!Suddenly, the earth started to shake; and two doors opened up revealing a huge boulder that was racing towards feather. She used her pogo to jump out of the cave and she narrowly escaped the boulder. Unfortunately, since feather was so light, and since the golden pogo stick was so heavy; it was extremely hard for her to get any air. Nonetheless, it was still similar to flying; so she kept pogoing. One day, while pogoing in the jungle, she met Dcool, The Cube, and Gumbyecca. They invited her to join The Pogo Squad, a rapidly growing group of hard-core pogoers who amazed the world with their skills, and gave her a "Master” pogo stick. Since it is much lighter she could bounce with ease. Now Feather happily bounces on her pogo all day long along with the rest of The Pogo Squad.

Feather does a 'Touch Your Toes'

Feather's favorite stick is the Master and she currently owns three. Her favorite pogo trick is Mr. Spin and she would someday like to land a Judo.

Feather does the REAL Can-Can

Feather does a 'Motorcycle'

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