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Reverses are tricks where you bounce regular or reverse and the switch to the opposite side of the pogo. These are the hardest of all be prepared.
Also know this: every single trick you see below can be done the opposite way (except the Body Wrap). If I say, "start in reverse" or "start in regular,"  please note that you can start on the opposite side of the pogo, do the opposite of all the directions, and it will still be considered the same trick. For example: Step Over can be done from regular to reverse AND reverse to regular and still be "Step Over."

Because these tricks are kind of hard to explain...I've put videos up for EVERY SINGLE ONE on their seperate pages! First the videos show you how to do the trick one way (i.e. regular to reverse) and then the opposite way (i.e. reverse to regular) remember, whichever way you do's the same trick!

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