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The McGryz


Actually, this trick is really very easy. I think it's in the wrong section.


All you have to do is...


Bounce normally. Then (we'll attack this sucker from the right) whip to pogo stick 360 degrees to your right with just your right hand, (this will cause your wrist to almost break) around to the back of your right leg. Right when you can't turn your wrist anymore, reach down in between your legs with your left hand and grab the handlebar that your right hand is holding onto. Bring the pogo forward through your legs, turning it another 180 degrees. Land normally.


If you don't understand, I don't blame you. Watch the video and give a big hand to the man, Chris Godwin.


If you can land this trick then you are AMAZING. Only two people in the world have this one under their belt.


McGryz Video


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