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Sick Tricks: Flip Dismounts

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  And so we come to the flips.
  I cannot even begin to guess the number of times someone has said to me, "Do a flip! Do a flip!" I personally cannot do a flip. I WILL someday though. I've been working like crazy...and I will...maybe. Anyway, we have two types of flips to date. The Front Flip Dismount and the Back Flip Dismount.
  Also, if your curious, one person actually HAS landed a complete flip...holding onto the pogo. Chewy Call. He did a backflip on a Flybar. Insane.

There are three ways to do this trick.
   1. You can start bouncing in Reverse and then throw the stick behind you and do a Front Flip
   2.  You can start bouncing normal and go straight up and over the handlebars, letting the pogo fall beneath you as you do your front flip
  3.  You can do your flip and still hold onto the pogo with one hand. With that hand you can swing the pogo to the side and out of your way as you do your flip.
 And that's it. I can't really TEACH you how to do a front flip dismount. You need to be able to do front flips...and do them well. Be CAREFUL attempting really could get seriously hurt. assumes no responsibility. If you try then you try at your own risk.
Here we have a video of way #3. A big hand to Oops! for learning this trick.


 There is only one way to do this trick. Bounce normally and then, well, do a backflip. Release at the peak of your bounce to get the most height. Allow to pogo stick to fall away in front of you as you flip.
 A pat on the back to Desaskin, our mean, lean, backfliping machine.


For More HUGE Back Flipping Action, Check Out The Video Vault and Fred Grzybowski

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