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Leapfrog - This trick is…hard. One of the hardest. And that’s saying something. If you’ve come this far along on your pogo journey, then I congratulate you. If you’re just looking at this page for fun, well…that’s cool too. Anyway…The Leapfrog.

Bounce normally and then spring HIGH off the pegs, flying kickout style. Go forward as you leap and take your right hand off its handle. Pass over the top of the handlebars and reach your right hand around behind your right thigh and regrab the pogo. As soon as this is done let go with your left hand and land on the pegs in reverse. Way complicated. Watch the video.

Note: In the video I actually grab a whole handlebar when I land, but I usually grab in between the two bars…where they connect. That is so I can control the pogo better and it won’t turn one way or the other.

To view the video right click and select "save target as"



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