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Truth: Desaskin was hatched from a Paronadon’s egg
the Artic Circle.  No one knows how he came to be in the egg
in the first place, but he was a happy young hatchling.
His dinosaur siblings were gifted with flight, but not
Desaskin. There came a time when the Momma
Paranadon decided
                           it would be too dangerous for Desaskin
to remain in
                           the Arctic region since he was unable to fly.
So, Desaskin
                           was given a pogo stick (which the Momma
Paranadon just
                           happened to have lying around).  He took to
it like a Paranadon takes to flight, but he was only able to
get to heights
                           of 5 feet.  His Momma and siblings could
not properly look for food at that low altitude, so, it was
decided that Desaskin must find another family.
As the Momma
                           Paranadon carried Desaskin from
place to place, they came across a few species that looked
like Desaskin in a far off place called Costa Rica.  The
Momma Paranadon was delighted to see other bouncing
humanoids beneath her and there she dropped Desaskin
                           he fell into a volcano.  Seeing this
dinosaur act of kindness gone wrong, the
five pogo-noids, The Cube, Dcool, Pogo Bub, Fin, and Mr. Cuvav
all bounced up the mountain face to see if the fallen
                           being had
survived the
                           drop.  After searching for several days,
they discovered the young lad curled
up with his stick in a tiny cave inside the volcano.
His skin had a rather large rash, but nothing a little
                           Desetin couldn’t
handle. The
                           five members of the Pogo Squad decided
to name the
                           little guy Desaskin because of the above facts.
After rescuing Desaskin from the cave, the five members
of The Pogo Squad taught him everything they new
and he became one of the world's best extreme pogoers.
If you're wondering, Desaskin's skin is fine now.
His pogo goal is to one day jump the volcanic mountain
kept him captive for three straight
                           Desaskin owns a Foam Master Pogo. His favorite trick is
the HooHa and he
                           can't wait to bounce in the St. Patrick's Day

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